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Welcome to Jugger Ireland

Jugger is a uni-sex, semi contact, field sport.

Played between two teams of five players. Four out of the five players have padded weapons. The fifth player is the Qwick that player has no weapon but they are the only player who can pick up the ball and the only player who can score.

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Latest News

2016 Irish Jugger Tournament

Irish Jugger Tournament Landing Page

The Irish International Jugger Tournament will be held on the 20th-21st of August at Wanderers Rugby Club in Ballsbridge, featuring over 25 teams from three different continents.

Spectators are welcome and it is a free event.

Jugger is a fast paced, unisex field sport that combines elements of rugby and fencing. Players and teams from Ireland, Spain, German, Australia, America and Canada will gather in Dublin this August to compete and display their skill in this unique and exciting new sport.

This tournament also marks the 10 year anniversary of Jugger in Ireland and as such will be a great weekend for both competition and celebration. Attendance is free and spectators are encouraged to come and enjoy the event and experience – which will include a barbecue, after-party and other events taking place during the week of the tournament.

First depicted in the 1989 movie Salute of the Jugger (written by David Peoples – writer of Blade Runner), the sport features two teams of five competing to move “the skull” down a 40x20m pitch armed with padded weapons. One player on each team, known as the Runner, is unarmed and is the only one capable of scoring. The other four players, known as Enforcers, must use their weapons and tactics to push back the opposing team and open up a route for their Runner to score. If the Runners come into contact with each other, they are allowed tackle and wrestle each other for possession of the skull.

Since in the original movie the game was played using a dog skull, the ball we use is always referred to as The Skull and is often a foam replica designed in that shape.

Jugger as a sport has grown in popularity quite rapidly since it’s inception and is now played competitively in 23 countries across five continents. Over the last decade Ireland has been very active in the international Jugger community; taking part in numerous tournaments around the world. We have been represented at competitions in Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the US as well as several events held in Ireland itself. With over 25 teams currently registered to compete at the Irish Tournament, it’s shaping up to be the largest jugger tournament ever hosted in Ireland.

To find out more about the sport itself and Jugger in Ireland please look at the rest of our website. To learn more about the Irish Tournament please feel free to contact us or visit the event page on Facebook.

Registration will take place in Jugger Turniere website.

Entertainment during the Jugger Tournament

Star Wars Table Quiz

Star Wars Quiz

Come test your knowledge of the past, present and future of the Star Wars universe! From power converters at Toshi Station to one quarter portions on Jakku. From pod racing on Tatooine to tench runs on the Death Star.

Our quiz will include only the finest in Star Wars trivia, cherry picked from all seven entries in the main franchise. As if you needed another excuse to rewatch your favourite sci-fi flicks!

All proceeds go towards Rampage Jugger Club and the Irish International Jugger Tournament later this summer. If you don’t know what jugger is, come for the Star Wars. If you’d like to know what jugger is, we’ll be happy to fill you in!

5 July at 19:00
Dtwo Bar, Garden & Nightclub
60 Harcourt Street, Dublin, Ireland 2

If you are interested in joining us on this Star Wars Quiz, please contact us at rampagejuggerclub@gmail.com or in the Facebook Event Page

If you want to purchase a ticket for you and your friends, you can go to our Yapsody account for the Table Quiz

Chain Reactions: Haz


This week we interview Haz, an excellent Kiwi Chain player who on occasion plays for Australian (or German) teams. Read his thoughts on Jugger and Iron Man below!

Your Name?


What team do you play for?

Skullduggery (Brisbane), Redbacks (Australia)

How did you first hear about Jugger?

Over 3am pancakes with people I had met earlier in the night at a goth/alt nightclub.

What do you remember about your first time playing Jugger?

It was a hot summers day and I had had little sleep but had fun and everyone was very friendly

Did you start off playing Chain or did you move to it later on?

At the start I gave chain a try amongst everything, not specialising. After receiving frequent head hits, I ruled out sword & shield and dual shorts in the first month, and favoured ranged items. I learnt anti-chain with a Stab and then chain.

Ok now to the good stuff, what’s your tournament highlight as a Chain?

For two of the three major tournaments at which I’ve played I’ve been injured within the first match and either couldn’t chain (hand injury) or can’t remember chaining (short term memory loss from a concussion). The third I played well and consistently and we faced some excellent teams but there were no stand out moments that come to mind.

However my first tournament after moving back from Germany was a small demonstration tournament in New Castle where we mixed the teams up to give a balance of experienced and new players. On the initial clash of one point I tore through the opposition, getting two enforcers and the qwik in rapid succession, thanks to perfect recoveries flowing into successive attacks.

Which Jugger player do you most fear facing off against and why?

None, I’m keen to face all contenders as the better the player, the more fun the challenge. In games of Graveyard (Irish Zombie) I’ll usually seek out some of the other top players for duels if possible, whereas I will face the newer players due to proximity, to avoid being backstabbed, or because they are trying to gang up on me.

Which fellow Jugger player do you most admire?

Irish Dave. An excellent chain player and top bloke.

Would you say other sports/skills helped you to become a better Chain?

Can’t think of anything particular in terms of using the chain, however learning to dodge and contort to avoid strikes (in martial arts) is an advantage, particularly for chain vs chain battles.

What tips do you have for someone who is starting to train as a Chain?

Begin using two hands to learn control before moving to one handed throws. Start with the full European-style chain as opposed to Australian-style club chain, to encourage development of chain techniques rather than becoming reliant on the defence of the club . Also practice your recovery, if you miss it may be a second chance to strike, if you hit then you’re ready to take your next opponent.

What is the hardest part about being a Chain?

The vulnerability during recovery and tangles, and being unable to block/defend (when using European chain) due to playing a purely offensive role.

What was your toughest tournament match as a Chain?

As a chain, you don’t usually have the drawn out sparring matches with multiple strikes like enforces do since after a missed strike you are vulnerable and possibly tangled. Facing another chain can prove a challenge in cases where you each attempt to strike the opponent while dodging/jumping/diving to avoid the other chain, resulting in both missing and then desperately scrambling to recover and attack again. I had one tournament match where in the middle of the second half we had four consecutive attempts before one of us hit the other. We were both utterly drained of energy after that, but got some applause from the spectators on the sidelines.

What do you do outside of Jugger?

Rock climbing, video games, reading and backpacking/travel.

Now fun stuff, Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings?

Neither. Doctor Who and Firefly

And if you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

Iron Man. For the practically of being a rich play boy with cool gadgets and being able to fly anywhere.

November 2018